Smash the State 1
No Exit (NO EXIT 2)
Plain black vinyl with black and white labels.

A compilation of Canadian punk from 1979-80. Comps entire singles, as well as a few unreleased songs. It looks as if they've done all their homework and gotten permission to reissue the stuff on here. Comes with a bunch of inserts with information. Picture sleeves are reproduced on the cover. There are 30 numbered copies in handmade sleeves.

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Side One
Arson-Pretty Girls (unreleased)
Arson-Coho? Coho!
Arson-(Livin' with the) White Folks
Wild Fits-Just Lust
Wild Fits-Bored of Education
Wild Fits-Sailing to Hell
Dry Heaves-Shoot Yourself
Dry Heaves-Portable
Dry Heaves-I Can't Puke
Side Two
Rock and Roll Bitches-Someone Could Lose An Eye
Rock and Roll Bitches-Broad Daylight
Rock and Roll Bitches-Welder's Song
Rock and Roll Bitches-West
Hot Nasties-The Secret of Immortality
Hot Nasties-I am a Confused Teenager
Hot Nasties-Invasion of the Tribbles
Sturgeons-Punk Rock Virgins
Sturgeons-Foward Disorder