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16 October 2019
I got the honor to write the introductory essay to Stephen Wirtz and David Pace's book, "Images In Transition: Wirephotos 1938-1945," published by Schilt earlier this year. It's a fascinating book that highlights aspects of Wirephotos from World War II calling attention to the technology and the manipulation of news images, among other aspects of photojournalism.

Also! New zine in the works, finally. This will be #11 in the City Slang series. Due out early November.

28 April 2017
Added a new section to the site. I've started scanning the covers of some of my old zines–Sty Zine and ACTION! photozine.

23 April 2017
Another new zine being prepped right now. This one will be the sixth in the City Slang series, even though it'll dabble a bit into some of my music photography. A couple of events coming up that have helped jumpstart my sagging brain:

•Viewfind Storyteller Lecture Series @ SF Camerawork – May 16
[Presenting work from the City Slang zines, as well as some older work]
•Keynote Speaker at Gluestick Zine Fest in Indianapolis – July 8 - 10

I will hopefully have the new zine ready for the Viewfind talk. And, in conjunction with the Gluestick Fest, I will be showing photos at Irvington Vinyl (best record store in Indiana!) as well as be discussing my time as coordinator and president of the board at Maximum Rocknroll.

16 November 2016
It's been a year. Whoops. Anyway, I have a new zine coming soon, next week. That's all. Over/Out.

11 November 2015
Heads up Southern friends! I will be reviewing portfolios at Photo NOLA, 11 & 12 December. After seeing lots of great work at Atlanta Celebrates Photography back in October I'm excited to see new, great work in New Orleans. And hell, I'm excited to finally get back down there.

A note: Rat Crawl and Black Forest zines are sold out. I'm working on the next one: Dot Dash. Hopefully it'll be ready in December. Stay tuned for details. Also in the works: a Short Eyes tour diary zine. That'll be a barn burner.

21 June 2015
Lots of news on the homefront. First and foremost, I have a new zine, Rat Crawl*. It's the first in a series of small, short-run zines of street photography I plan on doing this year. Rat Crawl is almost all vertical, candid "street portraits." Copies are $4ppd in the US ($5 in CAN/MEX; $6 everywhere else). To get a copy, Paypal me at: mark *at* ickibod.com. ¡BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS! I'll get images from it up on the site soonish.

Also on deck: I will be speaking at this year's Geekfest, being held in Oakland, CA, Sept 11 - 13. For GeekFest I'll be wearing both my photo editor and photographer hats. We'll see how it goes. I will also be at ACP in Atlanta and PhotoNOLA. I'm looking forward to spending a little time in the South.

The new issue of Hamburger Eyes is out! This is #18. I have some photos in it, along with lots of longtime contributors, and some newcomers. Always great.

*named after the song by Third World War.

18 December 2014
Not really new, but I've been posting photos on Instagram...mostly random, old photos. Lots of street stuff, band stuff, the usual. Take a look.

12 December 2014
It doesn't happen very often that I shoot for Mother Jones, but in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue I've got photos in two stories. I shot the opener and a secondary image for the story we did on valley fever and how it effects prisoners held in California's Central Valley. And I shot a portrait of author Daniel Handler. Landscapes and Portrait, not necessarily my forte, but it's good to branch out.

This coming Saturday (13 December 2014), I've got some photos in a show that Rich Jacobs of Move zine put together at the Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose. Pretty great line-up of photographers.

11 June 2014
Geez, it's been a while. Hi. I just quietly put an update of some street photography on the site. For the past few months I've been trying to edit down this massive pile of photos -- like 2,600 of them -- to something manageable. I'm down around 100, give or take 20 pictures. I put 41 of them on the site, an edit I'm not entirely satisfied with, but I'll keep tinkering until I get it just right. That may never happen. And hell, I don't know what I'm going to do with the work once I do get a solid edit. Anyway, it's there.

In News news, I had a nice, big layout of photos in the Spanish mag Lamono. You can view a PDF of the entire mag HERE. UC Berekely's Graduate School of Journalism's Brink Magazine ran a nice 8 page layout of my band/tour work, culled from Mess Me Up! And this fall I have a few photos in a book coming out on Drago, called The Street Is Watching.

4 December 2013
Hamburger Eyes is holding their annual fundraising auction. I've got two prints up for sale, both fiber prints from my Invitation To A Hanging project. They're starting cheap. Dig in!

7 November 2013
A little rock action lately -- I got to shoot the DEL-LORDS ahead of their current European tour and took some photos of San Francisco's LIFE STINKS for their new album on S-S Records.

16 September 2013
Hey, my new promo cards are here, going out this week. It's a smashing shot of Aussie punks Bits of Shit. I'm a bit irregular on making/sending promos, but I've been better this year than in the past. In other news, I have three photos in a group show of live music photography at the Rite Spot, a no nonsense bar in the Mission (17th/Folsom), in San Francisco. They'll be up until the end of October.

10 September 2013
Two interviews just went up, one focusing on my work as a photographer: The Image Deconstructed. And the other, focusing on my work as photo editor: MainCreative Interviews.

30 July 2013
If you're in San Francisco, be sure to drop into the new Levi's store on Market St. They used a few of my photos inside the new space. The grand opening is August 1st.

11 June 2013
With the Mess Me Up! zine out of print for a few months now, I added it to the Projects section of the website. It's not quite the same as a dog-eared zine, but you can still look at it there.

5 June 2013
Welcome race fans! New promos hittin' the streets today. Woo-hoo.

2 May 2013
I got an image Chosen by American Photography (AP) for this year's website. Woo-hoo! It's a photo I shot of the Occupy protests in downtown Oakland last year.

9 April 2013
Added an edit of racing work to the Editorial section of my site. Most of this was shot a few years ago for a Jim Beam ad campaign. They gave me great access and let me shoot how I wanted. I grew up in Indianapolis but never went to the race until I shot the Beam campaign...and I went in style: police escort in, helicopter out. The following year I went as mere commoner, hanging out in the Third Turn.

2 April 2013
Most of what I shoot these days is street work on my way to/from my desk job, and on my lunch break. I still shoot bands once in a while. And when I got hiking I'll bring my camera and sometimes take pictures. Otherwise I'm mostly combing through my old photos looking to make sense of what I have. I'm working on an edit of my street photography. That's the big nut to crack. But I'm also piecing together an edit of racing photos I've shot -- as in Indy 500 and NASCAR stuff. There's an idea for a real, new project rattling around in my head. We'll see if I can put one foot in front of the other and make it happen.

21 January 2013
And slowly the website comes together. Tonight I was hurled into action by seeing a post on Pete Brooks' awesome Prison Photography website in which he mentioned my prison tourism project. AWESOME...except the link went to a really old, badly designed, all around crummy gallery of images from that project. So I scrambled. I got a still-not-quite-there gallery together (it really needs some text/context), but it's far better than the old gallery.

2 January 2013
This is my new website. I'm slowly unveiling it, figuring out what work to show and the best way to show it. Expect random and possibly radical updates in the next few weeks. All the news updates and stuff from my old website are lost to the ether. But as Mick asked, "Who reads yesterday's papers?" Right? It's all about the here/now and what's ahead.

Speaking of here/now and what's ahead, on January 23rd, I have a photo (or two?) in the Alexia Foundation's "Images and Issues" exhibit at 25 CPW Gallery in New York, New York. The exhibition will feature selected works from the Alexia Foundation’s 22 years of awarding grants to photojournalists, with a special focus on the 2012 professional and student winners, Justin Maxon and Katie Orlinsky, both of whom will be in attendance.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Women’s Initiative and celebrate the work of Alexia Foundation and the photojournalists it encourages. Admission is free. Please RSVP to news@alexiafoundation.org or 718-753-7607.

It's a big honor to be included in this show. Seriously.